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About Us

Row’s Hauling is based in western Franklin county and has been serving the St. Louis county and the entire bi-state area for 25 years with the highest degree of integrity and loyalty to past and present customers.  We do jobs as simple as hauling off your couch up to cleaning out and liquidating the entire estate or business.

Over the years we have cleaned out a large number of estates due to death, divorce, foreclosure and relocation.  We understand the emotional pull that can be on an individual or an entire family.  These situations are handled with dignity and respect.

We have had hundreds of calls of  where people would be ashamed of the mess that they have; even if you can't get it in the door don't be afraid to call you have nothing we haven't seen and cleaned out. 

We are fully equipped with an array of trucks, trailers, dumpsters, bobcats and for our big pile of trash and junk thrown in the lake we have our track hoe with grabble and our 1948 crane with clam to go deep, see pictures. 

For items that can be reused are donated to charity and non-profit organization. 

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